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thoughts on fire

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January 25th, 2007

01:46 am - what do yah want?!
i'm in south carolina for school. i wish i was in chicago again.

i have a boyfriend now who was my best friend in high school.
i am at this stupid all girls school that's for smart kids.
i hoop still. it's still domination station.
i am transfering back to chicago for a better school for basketball.
i have 100 days left.
people here are liars. never go south.
some can be real cool but most are fake.
i can't sleep.

nothing else matters...

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January 22nd, 2006

07:23 pm - the trio

shorty(alex) my best friend. km22 (me) g-unit (gretchen) who's been around since the beginning
hahah we are trying to be badasses but i'm the only real one. ahaha.

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January 5th, 2006

11:32 pm - why am i trying to be a badass

hell ya who's a hoopa! man i look dumb flickin' of the camera.
team won a 5 peat of this HUGE christmas tourny.
that's me flickin' ya'll off & my co-captian katy

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January 4th, 2006

10:43 pm - im missing in action but here ya go anyway
okay it's pathetic but is it even more pathetic because i know it's pathetic?!
the past two nights
past two nights...
damnit. i've been trying to get sleep
attempting to get better from the illness and fucked up back
i never get sick like that
it was shocking.
the past two nights
i have been trying to sleep but i think about him.
is it right because...
my peers say we'd be cute together out the blue
and i secretly blush and ignore the comments
i've wanted to take care of him since i saw him that summer day
they say it'd be interesting...crazy and crazy...in one
he's beautiful and gives the best hugs when he wants to
is it wrong because...
my best friend has a strange feeling
something just isn't right
because he doesn't always call back but
circumstances always make it understandable
he's a year younger then me
he's stubborn like me and doesn't always make sense
because he's playing games???
all the wrongs can turn into rights...
i still think about him when i hear that song
and remember the fucked up car ride.
when my head hits the pillow i wonder if i had guts
what i'd say...and in what order.
school girl i know.^^^
i tell myself i can't live without him.
but i remember i have for so long.
it would just be that much better.
i know he wants someone there...it's so obvious at times.
he's waiting to see who's right.
he thinks i'm teasin'
im not there is no reason to.
if he would give me the shot...
i'd hold him, love him and be there always.
i deal with his girly mood swings...i find them cute and misunderstood.
he doesn't know...he doesn't know
how i'd treat him right.
he's been let down soo many times.
maybe he just needs to hear it from me.
not by the storytellers.
im too shy.
every night just like tonight.
i think of him before i sleep sometimes a lot
sometimes not.
but for a second that night...
he's crossed my mind
i'm wonderin how he's holdin up
i know he's just fine.
living life like he does.
he's gonna be someone.
cocky boy.
i wouldn't say it if i didnt believe it.
he'll be someone.
he doesn't have to be but it's his destiny.
i want to be part of his story.
i want him to call me his
and he will be mine.
i feel like i can share so much.
i feel like i have what he needs
but i can't make him see
i wish he knew that i was for real when i say..
i'd always be there.
at your games.
happy days.
and lessons.
i'd be there making sure everything is alright.
he should gimme a shot
it'd be worth his while...
he does 'feel me' and the hurdle was jumped.
whats stopping him?
it's just beginning...
who know what can happen.
i just know i'll always be round if he ever needed me.

i wish he knew...

now that just sucked but oh well

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December 6th, 2005

07:33 pm - hello ARROGANCE
who's MVP?

yah i am -- that's right. #22


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